Letters to the Editor

Beth Levine: Don’t cut TAs

Regarding the June 18 news article “Senate votes on $21.47B budget”: As a 27-year veteran teacher, I am extremely disappointed to hear that the state’s budget does not give veteran teachers a raise! This is extremely demoralizing to our profession, as we need veteran teachers to stay.

As a veteran teacher who puts own my life primarily on hold for 10 months out of each year to focus on my students and their families (I teach preschool special education) year after year, it deeply saddens me to realize that the legislators do not value my experience.

The Senate’s budget also cuts 8,500 teacher assistants. I don’t think legislators realize how many different roles TAs take on besides assisting in the classroom. They are the ones who make the schools run, doing tasks such as lunch and carpool duties, clerical work for teachers and a gazillion other things that actually make every school run like a well-oiled machine. The more TAs are cut, the more teachers need to fill in and do these things, which means more work on us!

I hope the final budget is more respectful of the time and commitment we put in to the children.

Beth Levine