Letters to the Editor

Lois Nixon: GA’s assignment

The General Assembly’s homework (budget) is late. Legislators are failing our students and teachers and need a remedial math course.

Cutting 8,500 teacher assistants effectively doubles the class size for the 8,500 teachers who lost those TAs and negatively affects at least 212,500 students in those classrooms! This increases the student-to-teacher ratio from 12 students per teacher or adult educator to 24 students per teacher. Hiring 5,000 teachers won’t reduce these class sizes below current levels, even if the schools had empty classrooms waiting for new teachers.

It is essential that legislators improve public education, not degrade it, and get North Carolina moving up from our current fourth from the bottom ranking.

New legislator homework assignment is to restore teacher assistants in every K-3 classroom, raise every teacher’s pay to at least the national average, give bonuses to experienced mentor teachers who have “stuck with education” through the lean years, increase per student funding to the national average, eliminate vouchers to unaccountable private and religious schools that steal support from public schools and provide funding for every 3- and 4-year-old in the state to attend a public pre-K school.

Completing this assignment will earn an “A”!

Lois Nixon