Letters to the Editor

Ron Byers: U.S. needs arrogant Trump

Regarding the Aug. 10 column “GOP continues to alienate voters”: Thanks to Donald Trump, this former Obama supporter has become a political schizophrenic.

I’ve already dismissed all the other GOP candidates as irrelevant and Hillary Clinton as just another professional politician who lacks trust.

At first, I dismissed Trump as a rich, arrogant bully who doesn’t stand a chance. But if the election were held today, he’s the only candidate I would vote for.

Outside-the-box liberal ideas of FDR arguably rescued the country from the impact of the Great Depression. Perhaps the country needs at this time in our history an arrogant bully to rescue us from the anemic Obama foreign policy mess.

I can hear President Trump now: “Let me tell the so-called leaders of Iran where they can stick their plutonium rods.”

Presidential news conferences would be fun to watch again.

Trump is like the new kid who transfers to a high school mid-year and steals all the attention away from the prom king and queen. It’s early in the process, but as the McDonald’s ads say, “I’m lovin’ it!”

Ron Byers