Letters to the Editor

Sharon Campbell: No straight talk from Trump

Why do news sources give credence to Donald Trump’s nonsense because he’s leading in the polls? Because people like his “straight talk” and his rejection of political correctness?

I’d like to see some straight talk that points out that nothing Trump says makes sense. He’s just spouting rude, obnoxious opinions, and some people (bless their hearts) are agreeing with them.

He can’t erect a giant wall along the border with Mexico and make Mexico pay for it. He can’t bring all the jobs home from China by a wave of his comb-over. He can’t make Vladimir Putin wash his feet. Let’s not let him bluster on without at least pointing out that it is just bluster and not a platform, not a policy, not a course of action.

Is it OK for a presidential candidate to brag that Hillary Clinton came to his wedding because he gave her money and that he cashes in on favors all the time? And never mind the gross names he calls women. All of this is just crass.

The media should quit talking about his straight talk. It isn’t straight. It’s crazy crooked.

Sharon Campbell

Chapel Hill