Letters to the Editor

Lynn Edmonds: Understandable stability

Regarding the Aug. 16 news article “Wake buses fewer students for diversity”: As someone directly involved in fighting the GOP school board five years ago, I am compelled to respond.

The fight was largely about diversity, but it was also a fight for good governance. Ron Margiotta’s board equated to an embarrassing circus that kept Wake County in the headlines every week for two years. Something also had to be done to stop Tony Tata’s choice plan, which was really a chance plan that left many families with no real choice and an entire downtown neighborhood with no assignment at all for weeks.

When the Democrats took office, they were right not to reverse the assignments the GOP had made. It was hard to see them take that position, but those of us who supported them understood that families and the county as a whole needed some stability. Now that some time has passed and Wake’s number of high poverty schools is climbing, it is right to question whether the school board should do more to stop this trend.

Our community was once very committed to diversity, and we should recommit to it. It’s a difficult conversation with no easy solution, but it’s a conversation worth having.

Lynn Edmonds