Letters to the Editor

Michael W. Mitchell: Restraining Iran

We should heed the warning of Israel, the free and Democratic country that calls Iran its unfortunate neighbor, that President Obama’s proposed agreement with Iran is a mistake.

One of our Founding Fathers, John Adams, an experienced and accomplished diplomat, learned much from his many years negotiating in Europe. From those experiences, he warned: “I have long been settled in my opinion, that neither Philosophy, nor Religion, nor Morality, nor Wisdom, nor Interest, will ever govern nations or Parties, against their Vanity, their Pride, their Resentment or Revenge, or their Avarice or Ambition. Nothing but Force and Power and Strength can restrain them.”

This is the guiding principle that ended the Cold War. It is the principle that Israel understands about its undemocratic neighbors. And it is the same principle we should apply to the current regime in Iran.

Michael W. Mitchell