Letters to the Editor

Katherine Kehoe: Disclose corporation political spending

Super PACs submitted their campaign finance filings to the Federal Election Commission recently, and the results are not looking good.

More than $2 of every $3 raised this cycle are going to super PACs and outside groups. And right now, when a corporation gets taxpayer money through a contract with the federal government, it doesn’t have to tell us anything about its political spending, even if it is contributing big bucks to super PACs. This doesn’t seem right.

When companies are awarded federal money for contracts, we ought to know where their political spending is going, so we can make sure our tax dollars are being spent responsibly.

This whole problem can be attributed to the Citizens United ruling, but overturning a Supreme Court decision takes time.

Luckily, the president can fix part of the problem now with the stroke of a pen. The president should sign an executive order requiring federal contractors to disclose all political spending.

President Obama called for a “better politics” without secret campaign spending in his State of the Union address. Now it’s time now to back up those words with action.

Katherine Kehoe