Letters to the Editor

Bill Massey: Certifiable costs to children

The Aug. 15 column “Can we interest you in teaching?” was a laughable question, considering current conditions in the field of education.

The column pointed out that uncertified teachers are now being placed in many public school classrooms due to the prevailing, and worsening, shortage of qualified teachers.

Would we ever consider putting unlicensed pilots in the cockpits of commercial jets, or unlicensed doctors in the operating rooms of hospitals? Not in a million years. We won’t even allow unlicensed plumbers under the sinks in our kitchens, so why on earth are we so complacently allowing unlicensed teachers in the classrooms of our public schools?

Unqualified pilots can cost us our lives. Unqualified doctors can cost us our health. And unqualified teachers can cost our children their futures.

Is one of those losses so much more acceptable than the other two? It appears so.

Bill Massey