Letters to the Editor

Randy Lisk: EPA lacks balance in regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency’s recent proposal to reduce the allowable levels of ozone could prove extremely costly to small businesses and consumers.

I’ve worked with members of the Automotive Aftermarket Association of the Carolinas and Tennessee for more than 27 years to identify important public policy issues and advocate on their behalf. The new ozone rules represent one of the most serious threats that we have seen in that time.

Estimates are that the ozone rule could be the most expensive federal regulation ever, topping $140 billion a year in annual compliance costs. It would devastate employment, costing 1.4 million jobs.

Our members are especially concerned about how the rule could affect the future of the auto industry, something that most consumers take for granted.

With all of the economic challenges already facing our region, now is not the time to adopt this burdensome new standard. We should focus on figuring out how to achieve the old standard adopted in 2008 before we set an even higher bar.

If we want to have a healthy economic future along with a healthy environment, the EPA needs to carefully balance the costs and benefits of all of its proposed regulations.

Randy Lisk