Letters to the Editor

Mel Kilberg: Trump believes in success

Looking at the Aug. 16 Sunday Forum letters concerning Donald Trump’s candidacy, I realized that not one person mentioned that his high poll numbers may reflect the fact that people believe that he would be a good president.

Trump runs on the theme “make America great again.” This is consistent with his belief that any person or nation can be successful if they do the right things. This message is the consistent theme of all his books like “Midas Touch.” Here he espoused that the sole fault lies with the entrepreneur who fails.

In his campaign, he is just translating this doctrine to the success of nations. In other words, America was great because smart people made good decisions, and now it’s failing because stupid people are making bad decisions. If we elect a winner like him, and allow smart people to run our country, we will be winners again.

He confidently believes he is right, and this is the attraction he has for many people. This is the major reason why he is surging in the polls, making a real run for the presidency and may be our next president.

Mel Kilberg