Letters to the Editor

Jim Lehner: Light rail too costly

Bruce Siceloff’s Sept. 22 Road Worrier column “GOP legislators defend budget’s light-rail killer” continued the debate on local rail transportation as the latest of many such articles seemingly supporting this direction.

The recent limit on state support finally turned off the flow of tax dollars on a misdirected and endless cash siphon.

In presentations sponsored by the rail movement, I learned that the cost of local rail transportation is projected to be funded at 20 percent from revenues and 80 percent from tax dollars, both in construction and ongoing operations (that means forever). So, who are the winners and losers in this scheme?

The winners are construction companies, residential and commercial developers, government taxes and riders with their 80 percent subsidies. The losers are the majority of people who are not serviced by the project and especially all taxpayers.

The limitation of support on rail is probably the first positive thing this legislature has done.

Jim Lehner