Letters to the Editor

Alexander Anderson: ‘God’s politics’

In reference to William J. Barber’s Nov 8 column, “About perspective, not party”: Since it is apparent that many of us who attend church commit the sin of depositing our brains at the door, it should not surprise Barber that even a highly intelligent brain surgeon can emerge brainwashed.

Ben Carson has unwittingly provoked a vociferous dispute over the property rights of the word “evangelical.” Since both Carson and Barber are professing Christians this ought to be irrelevant. What is not irrelevant, however, is Barber’s use of terms such as “God’s politics” and his constant overplaying of the Jesus card. This is offensive to many who do not share his, or even any, religious belief. All who care about social justice have skin in the game.

Furthermore, to imply that religion, even that of Jesus, is the source of all morality, is demonstrably untrue. Those who selectively use the sayings of Jesus like a box of chocolates better be prepared to find the occasional marzipan they like to avoid.

Jesus asserted that his kingdom is not of this world, and as yet we do not live in a theocratic republic.

Alexander Anderson