Letters to the Editor

Joseph John Rothengast: DMV needs to help vets

Last year the North Carolina DMV announced that the DMV will allow veterans to have “veterans” printed on their licenses which was a great public relations gain for the DMV. This year it made a big announcement about allowing renewals and other DMV business online so people would not have to come into the offices, which are usually packed with people with long waits.

Yet, they do not accept veterans’ DD 214 (military discharge) form for online renewals. Thus, many veterans who were disabled due to service, and all veterans, have to come into the DMV office. This appears to be poor planning since it does take other attachments and thus appears to be discrimination against those who have served the country.

Having “veteran” on the license was a nice step since it helps us to get discounts at many locations without the need to carry a DD 214 around with us. Many like myself, who are Vietnam era vets, are at an age where we have disabilities from service and/or age.

I believe it would be a simple change to aid those who served the country in the military.

Joseph John Rothengast