Letters to the Editor

Jack Jakucyk: Mizzou leaders didn’t take charge

Regarding the Nov. 10 news article “University of Mo. leaders step down”: What happened at the University of Missouri? A few racial incidents, student protests, a hunger strike and a list of outrageous demands.

Gee, haven’t I heard this before? That’s what college students do. I’m sure on some campus right now they are protesting the sun rising in the east.

Then the football team says it will boycott its next game (with support from the head coach) and the president of the Missouri university system, Tim Wolfe, is forced to resign. Say what?

This didn’t happen over a lousy million dollars in lost revenue. No, it was political correctness in its ultra-left extreme. To me, this was a classic rush to judgment. The inmates are now running the asylum.

If Wolfe and his bosses had any backbone he’d have gone to the football players and said, “If you want to boycott our next game, that’s fine. But all your scholarships are immediately rescinded.” Then he should have fired the coach.

Jack Jakucyk

Whispering Pines