Letters to the Editor

Bob Reis: Perpetual school deja vu

Mixed emotions and plenty of deja vu attended my reading of the Nov. 9 news article “Parents say year-round school forced on them” about parents contesting assignment of their kids to year-around schools.

I was involved in a same issue, more or less, about 15 years ago. “We” won that one as it happened.

All bureaucracies have to deal with disgruntled constituents while still getting something done. To the extent that they are proactive and inclusive, things take longer, though the urge to “just do it” is strong.

We went up against a “liberal” school board. They tend to try to get things done, unavoidably alienating some of their population, paving the way for “conservatives” to take over. Those will either prefer to do less changing, otherwise known as kicking the can, or to pursue ideological ends, alienating another part of the population, eventually bringing back the liberals.

There is also the issue that high-quality professional administrators do not tend to run for school board seats. I don’t think the overall pattern will change any time soon. Price of democracy.

Bob Reis