Letters to the Editor

Leonard Wilson: A wine and cheese raise

Regarding the Nov. 3 news article “12 chancellors get 8%-19% pay raises”: As important, or as important as they perceive themselves to be, the recently announced raises for UNC system chancellors (and retroactive raises at that) are simply disgusting.

The average state employee, indeed, the average private industry employee in North Carolina is hard-pressed to make an annual salary equivalent to these absurd raises of $50,000-plus, not to mention base salaries of these university system employees of $250,000 to $500,000.

What do these educational elitists really do to merit such pay? What brilliant ideas do they generate and what hours do they actually work each and every day? Bet they’re not to be found on campus Friday afternoons.

Let there be wine and cheese for this group; everyone else in the state can “eat cake.”

Leonard Wilson