Letters to the Editor

Vernie Davis: Release torture report

North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr may have good intentions, but they are misdirected. His effort to bury the report on the CIA’s use of torture, as reported in the Nov. 13 editorial “Burr’s locked report,” actually weakens our country by implicating us in the same sort of inhumanity and brutality from which we seek to protect ourselves.

Whether the report is released or not does not hide the already well-known truth that the United States participated in torture that violated international standards we helped establish; that the CIA used secret rendition flights, including flights from North Carolina, to transport detainees to torture sites; and that the only person ever imprisoned because of this CIA program was John Kiriakou, who blew the whistle on the torture program.

Seeking to deny and cover up this illegal and inhumane activity only serves to weaken U.S. leadership and paves the way for further brutality. Acknowledgment and full disclosure provide the only path for finding our way forward in a democracy.

Vernie Davis