Letters to the Editor

Bob Longo: ISIS must be destroyed

Recent events make it very clear that the current approach to defeating ISIS is failing. Because ISIS declares itself a state, let us treat it as one.

France is a member of NATO that has been attacked by ISIS. NATO should meet its responsibility to treat an attack against any member as an attack against all members. The president should seek a Declaration of War against ISIS and as a key member of NATO bring all of America’s military capabilities to bear in the destruction of ISIS within its “territory” and wherever its “foreign expeditionary forces” are “deployed” around the world.

All nations should know that the existence of organized ISIS forces within their boundaries makes their territory subject to the application of military force in the pursuit of the defeat of ISIS. Do not misunderstand: This is not about nation-building; it is about destroying ISIS.

We cannot create peace between Sunni and Shia. Only they can decide to stop killing each other. We should go in, destroy ISIS and get out. But we must be prepared to return as needed if and when such an organized radical Islamist group resurfaces.

Bob Longo