Letters to the Editor

Marvin Woll: Not good listeners

Not good listeners

In regard to the Nov. 5 news article “N.C. panel backs alternative to EPA’s Clean Power Plan”: We see that the DEQ plans to hold hearings in December and January on its Clean Power Plan. Unfortunately, these hearings are little more than a dog and pony show.

Five or six years ago, the Department of Air Quality conducted two hearings in Wilmington to determine whether a permit should be granted to Titan Cement. A large majority of people at those hearings were opposed to the permit. The end result was that the DEQ ignored the wishes of the people at those hearings and granted the permit.

Two years ago the Department of Energy and Natural Resources conducted public hearings concerning fracking in Orange and Chatham counties. Ninety percent of the people who attended those hearings were opposed to fracking with legitimate concerns about the safety of their water and other effects on their counties. Again DENR ignored those residents and said fracking could be done as long as it was done safely.

We need a legislature and governor who will protect the health and welfare of North Carolina residents rather than the financial interests of the oil and gas companies.

Marvin Woll