Letters to the Editor

Tom Field: Cowardly decision

Regarding the Nov. 17 news article “McCrory: Don’t send Syrian refugees to N.C.”: Courage and cowardice take many forms, and our governor has provided a sad counterpoint to the thousands of courageous, desperate families fleeing ISIS while Gov. Pat McCrory, ever so fearful of a terrorist possibly destroying our country, has boldly proclaimed North Carolina off-limits to all Syrian refugees.

Mothers, children, everybody must simply go back home to the bombs, brutality and rapes of ISIS, since the world’s most powerful military, its local police and an armed citizenry cannot possibly cope with the prospect of a few terrorists possibly slipping through the vetting process.

Since the Paris plotters hatched their plan from Belgium, I would guess that McCrory’s next move will be to urge the military to bomb Brussels.

Tom Field

Chapel Hill