Letters to the Editor

Dena Schulze: Valuing teachers

In regard to the Nov. 1 Point of View “The exodus”: I have many more stories to back this sad story, including my own.

I was an education major at N.C. State for two years before I decided to change majors. Although there were many reasons, one of them was the terrible way teachers are treated in the state of North Carolina.

I also had many former educators caution me about joining the field, and in the end it was too much for me. But I have many friends still left in the education department who are going to be the most amazing teachers, and I almost hope they will find jobs in other states.

North Carolina needs to learn the big impact teachers have on their young students and to want the best teachers to fill those positions. But how will we get those amazing teachers if they are not appreciated in our state? What career is more honorable than teaching future generations?

Yet teachers are treated as if their work and time are not valuable enough to earn top dollar. Something needs to change and fast.

Dena Schulze