Letters to the Editor

Gil Burroughs: GOP micromanagers

Regarding the Nov. 14 news article “UNC board gives lawmakers information from closed meeting”: My, my, my. Who would have thought it – Republicans acting like Republicans?

Lawmakers wanted a Board of Governors like them so they appointed a new board, which had the gall to elect a new president in closed session without presenting three candidates like they wanted. Kind of like removing the restriction on privatizing the maintenance of prisons without any committee or public discussion.

So now the legislature has the gall to want all the minutes of the closed sessions, and the board is crying foul, accusing the legislature of micromanaging and telling the members how to do their jobs. Sort of reminds one of the legislature telling local governments how to run their airports or local elections.

Don’t they understand this is just how Republicans operate? It’s in their genes.

Gil Burroughs