Letters to the Editor

Sally Godfrey: U.S. built by immigrants

Regarding the Nov. 17 news article “McCrory: Don’t send Syrian refugees to N.C.”: What a disgusting display of herd mentality by so many of our governors and other elected officials to demonize and refuse entry to all immigrants and refugees who have fled their countries and headed to the United States seeking sanctuary and new lives.

Many of those condemning the refugees have relatives – perhaps very close ones – who came to America in similar circumstances and have become valuable and productive members of our mixed neighborhoods and society.

My own forebears came to Rhode Island from the British Isles in the 17th century, on the run from upheaval, religious and political ideas that clashed with their own desires for independence and freedom of expression and worship. They helped form states, homesteads, businesses and families we, often proudly, carry on to this day.

In the process we decimated the Native Americans who had been here for centuries, even as we accepted their gifts that let us survive to establish communities.

This country was founded by immigrants and – disgracefully – by the slaves we captured and/or bought to help build the nation, so we are far from blameless when it comes to our righteous claims of superiority.

Sally Godfrey

Holly Springs