Letters to the Editor

Greg Bruhn: Safety first

Regarding the Nov. 15 news article “McCrory donor sparked campaign against trucker naps”: I have at least one thing in common with Shelton Vineyards. I own a vineyard of 15 vines in my backyard.

The one major difference between me and the Sheltons is my ability to contribute $32,000 to the Democratic, Republican or the Indifferent Party. Does anyone think Gov. Pat McCrory would give my concerns regarding the safety of the motoring public equal consideration because I grow a few grape vines?

I have traveled Interstate 77 through Surry County numerous times. There are many steep grades that are frequently blanketed in thick fog and two long tunnels for northbound travelers in Virginia. Motoring through that area requires the full attention of a rested driver. I consider a fatigued truck driver with a fully loaded 53-foot trailer traveling at 70 mph to be an accident waiting to happen.

It’s understandable that the shoulders of access ramps need to be clear of parked vehicles under most circumstances when other options are available.

The truckers who were ticketed in Surry County (in disproportionate numbers to other regions of the state) would prefer to park elsewhere, but can’t.

Until the safety issue is resolved I’d like a Highway Patrol escort when traveling Surry County.

Greg Bruhn