Letters to the Editor

Tom Clemmer: Toll on truckers

Regarding the Nov. 15 news article “McCrory donor sparked campaign against trucker naps”: If I were a trucker, I would say to my fellows, “OK, North Carolina doesn’t want us on its highways, so let’s pass through the state as quietly as possible. Let’s buy our fuel in adjacent states and get in and out as quickly as we can.”

Perhaps a trucker boycott would prompt those who do want them here (e.g., truck stop owners, fuel distributors and other merchants) to start sending their own “donations” to Raleigh and get the welcome mat put out once again. It’s a shame that that is the way the system works.

Few things terrify me more than the thought of being pulverized by a big truck whose sleepy driver was not allowed to legally pull off the road to rest. Personally, I want that trucker to park almost anywhere he can rather than to continue driving and endanger my life as well as his own.

Tom Clemmer