Letters to the Editor

Col. William Grey: Illegal parking on Interstates deadly

Regarding the Nov. 15 news article “McCrory donor sparked campaign against trucker naps”: The North Carolina State Highway Patrol’s daily mission is to save lives. While we are always receptive to residents’ concerns regarding safety, we verify those concerns using a data-driven approach in our enforcement campaigns.

The data show that illegal parking along Interstates has caused nearly 20 percent of the fatalities over the last five years equating to 101 deaths.

After a specific concern on this issue was expressed, I personally visited that section of Interstate 77 and determined it was time to step up our enforcement.

As a result, the Highway Patrol has increased its enforcement on a statewide basis and will continue to do so to help ensure that North Carolina’s highways are safe for all motorists.

The public shares all kinds of safety concerns, and regardless of who they come from the patrol takes them seriously, investigates and takes appropriate action.

Col. William Grey

State Highway Patrol, N.C. Department of Public Safety