Letters to the Editor

Charles E. Branscomb: The widening divide

When President Obama was elected, there were great hopes that he would unite us, but that has not happened. Instead, we the people are the most divided of my lifetime.

It is unfortunate that the media continue to deepen that division as the Nov. 15 column “For some, Obama is divider-in-chief” by Ned Barnett did.

I am not a journalist, but I assume that Journalism 101 says do not base an article on “there’s a story about ...” without providing some evidence that it is more than just a story.

I would very much appreciate an objective analysis to determine the source of our division in ideology, race, equality, climate change, religion, health care, energy, environment, economics, federal debt, immigration, education, crime control and foreign policy.

Given factual information, the American people are capable of concluding why we are so divided. Continuing the path we are on will just widen the division.

Charles E. Branscomb