Letters to the Editor

John Sieminski: No to refugees

Regarding recent letters and Points of View on settling Syrian refugees in North Carolina: I find the opinions to be very slanted into why we should take them in without significant further vetting. I have not seen any counterpoint presented. Is this to create the impression that there are more of us who want to accept them as not? From what I have read, 56 percent of us do not want to accept them as is. This is across both party lines.

I also see that the refugees being presented for entry into the U.S. are selected by the U.N. You must think all of us are naive or fell off the turnip truck. We are not. I want to see the process of any refugee acceptance totally controlled by the United States and the wishes and desires of the legal residents of the individual states to be acknowledged and accepted. We are supposed to be a sovereign country.

John Sieminski