Letters to the Editor

Virgil Early: Calm needed at UNC

Regarding the Nov. 20 news article “Protest disrupts meeting at UNC”: The charge that “systemic racism” exists at UNC is a serious one, and those who make such a charge have the responsibility to produce evidence.

The two micro-aggression examples given by students are not persuasive. Individuals can (and will) be thoughtless and mean, and there may be nothing the university can do about them. But “systematic” implies widespread indifference or worse: intentional abuse.

The students must understand that UNC is no more their university than it is mine as an alumnus. They will find support from alumni and others for legitimate grievances rationally presented.

However, breaking into a meeting called for just such a purpose, interrupting the speaker, making a list of absurd demands and then leaving without listening to what anyone else had to say is to attack one of the university’s foundational values: the calm and rational approach to problems.

If there is “systemic racism,” it needs to be stopped. Over-reach by students yields skepticism.

Virgil Early