Letters to the Editor

Howard Wasserman: Bad ‘business’ for truckers

Regarding the Nov. 17 news article “Highway Patrol says data inspired trucker tickets”: Considering the recent articles on the program to punish those resting road warriors, the following occurs to me: The DOT reports that parked vehicles were involved in almost 20 percent of deaths on our interstates for the past five years. Hence the data-driven justification for rousting resting truck drivers.

But the data are incomplete. In addition to not knowing what percentage of accidents involved vehicles parked on ramps (I’m guessing it’s quite low), we don’t know the percentage of those parked on the highway that were broken down (I’m guessing quite high).

It’s quite possible that a majority of the accidents involved parked vehicles whose drivers had no choice in coming to a stop. It seems to me that a proper solution, which should satisfy every constituency, would be to build more truck spaces, but there seems to be no talk of that.

Our “business-friendly” state is quite selective about which businesses it becomes friends with.

Howard Wasserman