Letters to the Editor

Jane Ruffin: Conservative assaults on free speech

In his Nov. 18 commentary “As faux liberals betray freedom,” J. Peder Zane blamed “the rise of the left in America” for an assault on free speech. As evidence, he pointed to the hypersensitivity of some leftist-thinking college students to ideas that cause them discomfort.

I respect Zane but question his analysis.

After all, it was conservative Christian students at Duke who rejected a summer reading book because it conflicted with their beliefs.

It was conservative evangelist Franklin Graham who led the effort to stop a Muslim call to prayer at Duke Chapel.

And it was conservatives who pushed to shut down the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at UNC-Chapel Hill after it criticized our state’s treatment of people in poverty.

Yes, the assault on free speech is real. But to characterize it as strictly leftist is incorrect.

Jane Ruffin