Letters to the Editor

Brad Pomeroy: Students lack real-world wisdom

Regarding the Nov. 20 news article “Protest disrupts meeting at UNC”: No tuition? No SATs? No outsourcing? The UNC student protest sounds like it had a whole lot of focus.

Is this really about racism or trying to bully the administration into a decision based on valid protests elsewhere? Just to be clear, isn’t the goal of the University of the People to get students ready for the real world?

Well, here’s a sanity check: In the real world, there is no free ride, everything costs money. In the real world, there are tests, and it happens every day when we show up to our jobs. And guess what? Sometimes those tests aren’t even fair, or we might ace the test and still not get the promotion we thought we deserved.

And to the point about the student being asked if she played a sport “implying that she wasn’t smart enough to attend UNC”: I did play a sport at UNC, and I was asked hundreds of times, “You play a sport at UNC?”

Does this imply that I don’t look athletic enough or lack certain genetic markers, including my skin color, of a good athlete?

Brad Pomeroy