Letters to the Editor

Callan Swafford: Youth’s environmental stand inspirational

After reading the Nov. 14 news article “13-year-old takes N.C. to court over climate change,” I was inspired by Hallie Turner’s persistence in working to protect North Carolina from the detrimental effects of CO2 emissions.

If the judge chooses in her (and the environment’s) favor, North Carolina will become a pioneer for standards leading to long-term sustainability.

As noted in the article, Environmental Management Commission member Benne Hutson relies, in part, on weak federal regulations as an excuse to continue exponentially increasing North Carolina’s greenhouse gas emissions. This excuse allows statewide proposals, like Hallie’s 4 percent decrease in CO2 emissions, to be rejected.

I advocate a fee on carbon and 100 percent dividend to U.S. households on a federal level. A carbon fee would not only protect the Earth by decreasing U.S. CO2 emissions but also boost the U.S. economy through jobs in alternative energy sourcing.

The article focuses on Hallie’s age, noting her frustration with ageist opposition, but also celebrates her dedication so early in life. While Hallie is five years younger than I, her passion and dedication inspire me to work harder for reform.

Climate change is real, and it’s only going to get worse if Hallie’s and my generation doesn’t do something about it.

Callan Swafford

Wake Forest