Letters to the Editor

Kelly J. Thomas: DMV works to serve veterans

Regarding the Nov. 16 letter “DMV needs to help vets”: The division takes its services to veterans seriously and with great pride.

Programs initiated for vets during recent years include a low-cost truck driver training program for returning vets and their spouses, a “Welcome Home, Vets” campaign in driver’s license offices and, as the writer noted, the 2014 introduction of the “veteran” designation on the driver’s licenses of accredited veterans. This imprint is available to veterans who present a DD 214 (military discharge) form showing they have been honorably discharged.

The first time veterans receive the imprint, they must visit a DMV driver’s license office to show the form. After that initial visit, the imprint automatically remains on the license through subsequent renewals.

Veterans must initially present their DD 214s, along with other identifying information, to verify the form is issued to them. The DD 214 cannot be scanned and sent to DMV online.

It is our strong desire to have the technical capability to accept electronic documents for renewal and online services. Regrettably, our legacy system does not have this capability and does not allow the transmission of personal identifying information.

DMV looks forward to continuing to serve North Carolina veterans in every way we can.

Kelly J. Thomas

Commissioner, N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles