Letters to the Editor

Cassidy Vaughn: Attack the root

By taking in Syrian refugees, no matter the number, we would be putting our own people in jeopardy. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do anything at all, because of course we should help. The incoming refugees could cause problems in our economy, but not just that, there could be terrorists coming over hidden in the groups. Are we, as a nation, really ready to accept these people into our country?

America seems to care more about our “looks” than the actual safety and reality of what’s going on. America is also claiming to do all this helping, but we haven’t done much over in Syria to get rid of ISIS, which is the root cause of all these problems. If America took more action to get rid of ISIS, everyone would be in a much better position and people wouldn’t need to flee. In the article “There is only one way to destroy ISIS” from thenation.com, it compares ISIS to bubbles in a pot and states that we should attack each one at the bottom; the root of it.

That is exactly what needs to happen. Attack the roots, ISIS, and everything will fall into place.

Cassidy Vaughn

Holly Springs

The writer is a student at Apex Friendship High School.