Letters to the Editor

Kirk McDuffie: Don’t shield IRS

I read with interest your Nov. 6 editorial “Starving the IRS hurts all” about how the IRS has been so mistreated by the Republicans and how budget cuts are hurting everyone.

You clearly note that there was just no proof of the allegations of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status being targeted. Yet you intentionally chose not to mention that the IRS actually admitted to the targeting, that Lois Lerner took the Fifth Amendment and refused to cooperate, that Commissioner John Koskinen has been caught in lies about emails and servers being destroyed while under subpoena and that the IRS has abused and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on conventions and business trips and not a single person has lost a job or been held accountable for abuse.

You expect your readers to accept and trust the word of our president and that of Attorney General Loretta Lynch (and ex-Attorney General Eric Holder), who have proven to be political shields for the administration. Why not present all the facts?

You intentionally do not and give little to no rebuttal time to those who hold a different opinion.

Kirk McDuffie

Rocky Mount