Letters to the Editor

Luckshume Ketheeswaran: Grant will help elderly

Regarding the Nov. 3 news article “Overuse of drugs is focus of study”: This grant will definitely be able to give true insight into what kind of medical services are being given to our elderly. Most everyone has had or has known someone who decided to put an elderly relative into a nursing home or hired assisted-living help.

A universal question that I have always observed is whether a relative is being treated humanely and with the utmost respect. Horror stories of elder abuse and drug misuse often make people wary of sending their loved ones to nursing homes or hiring assisted-living help.

Although I don’t believe this grant will be able to completely eliminate the issues that we have in some assisted-living programs and nursing homes, I do believe it will help shed light on the problem.

It will also provide a certain standard that these types of places and programs need to be at in order to properly function.

Luckshume Ketheeswaran