Letters to the Editor

Thomas Ragusa: Disconnected candidates

Regarding the Nov. 11 news article “Bush combative, challenges Trump on immigration”: Isn’t it wonderful the three top Republican candidates for president of “we the people” all think $15 an hour is a great wage? Do these three work for $15 an hour? If they did, would they be overpaid?

Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and Donald Trump, rich men all, seem a wee bit disconnected with the same “we the people” they say they want to represent when it comes to paying for our electric, food, real estate taxes, or the cost to send our children to college all on $15 an hour.

These same GOPers think it is quite OK to send our children off to war to protect their economic interests, give them 50-cent metals when and if they return and then pay them $15 an hour as a thanks for their service.

Thomas Ragusa

Wake Forest