Letters to the Editor

Peter V. Andrews: Easy ID

Daffy (not her real name) was afraid she would not be able to renew her driver’s license. She’s almost 80 years old, can’t see well, deaf as a post and a member of a minority that generally votes Democratic. She’s therefore concerned about Republican efforts to curb voting rights by requiring voter IDs.

I understood but told her the North Carolina DMV is advertising a new service for renewing driver’s licenses online. “It won’t cost anything to try it,” I told her. It worked!

Daffy had to enter her driver’s license number, birthdate, ZIP code (all on her check) and perhaps the last four digits of her Social Security number – she can’t remember. After that, she only had to verify that certain statements were true: address, no physical impairments preventing her from driving, etc. She was never asked for proof or criteria on any of these statements.

Daffy was glad she’d receive her license in seven days, but she wondered what her photograph will look like. The online program did not ask for a photograph and didn’t ask if she looked the same as she did 10 years ago!

Now, what’s the purpose of these voter ID laws?

Peter V. Andrews