Letters to the Editor

Julius H. Cromwell: Celebrating Shaw

My sincere thanks and appreciation for the Nov. 12 editorial “Shaw, still enduring.” I know I speak for all alumni who are gratified that Shaw University has not only survived but thrived throughout its 150-year history.

In spite of the hardships, trials and tribulations, near closings and a devastating tornado in 2011, Shaw has survived.

The editorial was truly a breath of fresh air, especially in light of the recent lawsuit brought by three alumni against the present and former chairmen of the board of trustees. Even this lawsuit, which is not supported by the majority of alumni, could not dampen the spirit and significance of the 150th anniversary celebration.

Shaw will continue to survive against all odds. Yes, this is the year of celebration and the year for all students, alums, faculty and friends of Shaw University to come together to pay tribute, honor and appreciate the legacy of Henry Martin Tupper, which is 150-year-old Shaw University, the oldest historically black university in the South.

Julius H. Cromwell