Letters to the Editor

Tim Hergenrader: Helping flounder

On Nov. 20 the Marine Fisheries Commission voted 6-3 to institute new regulations to begin restoring Southern flounder populations, following contentious debate (“New rules to protect flounder,” Nov. 21 news brief).

I attended the meeting in Nags Head and came away dismayed by the apparent lack of concern by commercial fishing supporters for the flounder, as well as for sea turtles, which are often killed by the commercial nets. Almost to a person their only concern was that they be allowed to continue unabated their exploitation of our resources.

Thankfully, the six MFC members saw fit to institute some much needed changes. I salute the six and thank them for their service. Now we must maintain our vigil and continue the struggle to help our inshore fisheries recover to sustainable levels. Much remains to be done.

Tim Hergenrader

New Bern