Letters to the Editor

Gail S. Phares: ‘War on drugs’ a waste

I agree with Jorge Castaneda’s Nov. 12 column “Mexico’s marijuana legalization could ease drug war.” It is time to legalize marijuana and end the war on drugs not only in Mexico but here in the United States. This terrible war has caused thousands to be killed in Mexico, and Mexican society has been ripped apart.

I have visited both Mexico and Colombia as a Witness for Peace. The war on drugs has caused extreme pain and suffering in Colombia as well as in Mexico. Now over five million Colombians have been displaced by the U.S. funded “war on drugs.”

The United States has wasted billions of dollars fighting the “war on drugs.” Here in the U.S., we have jailed well over 500,000 nonviolent drug offenders. It is long past time to stop this “war.” Let us provide drug treatment to all who need it.

The Obama administration has begun the process of releasing nonviolent drug offenders. This is a good start. Send these men and women home to their families. Let the healing begin. Stop the war on drugs now!.

Gail S. Phares