Letters to the Editor

Beles Abebe: Our built nation

As a high school student attempting to find my place in the world, following the news helps me to become aware of my surroundings and increase my perspective on certain situations.

In light of current events, I strongly believe that Syrian refugees should continue to be allowed into this country.

According to The New York Times, many refugees who come to America “are among the most vulnerable people in the war: single mothers and their children; religious minorities; (and) victims of violence or torture.” While all these people have their vulnerability in common, they also all want to feel safe and secure, not as if any minute could be their last.

Many Americans fear the same could occur here as it did in the recent Paris attacks. However, all refugees go through extensive screenings “(involving) multiple federal intelligence, security, and law enforcement agencies,” according to the State Department.

In the Nov. 19 Point of View “Our very values at stake,” Raleigh Bailey stated, “We are a nation of immigrants built upon the strength of newcomers seeking freedom and opportunity.”

So why should this cease to be true?

Beles Abebe

Holly Springs