Letters to the Editor

Margie Maddox: Don’t decide with fear

Sometimes I wish I were French, especially after I watched and read about the Parisians’ reaction to the recent terrorist attack. They are standing up, continuing their lives and not giving in to their fears!

In Paris, people are seen out in the streets hugging each other and sitting together at sidewalk cafes. Cautious? Yes! But afraid? No! But then America is not France. Here we are so afraid that we will not accept displaced mothers, fathers and children fleeing a war-torn country but allow tourists from all over the world to enter on a routine basis.

Could one of these daily tourists be a terrorist in disguise? We are so afraid of refugees while essentially ignoring home-grown terrorists who shoot at moviegoers or our schoolchildren. France is an example of how to respond by not giving into fear. When fear guides our reactions, ISIS indeed wins.

Maybe it is time to tone down the fear tactics of our politicians and let our minds guide America rather than our emotions.

Margie Maddox