Letters to the Editor

Dick Murray: Secure our borders

While I appreciate Ned Barnett’s Nov. 22 column “A Mexican invasion that isn’t,” which suggested there is a significant exodus of Mexican people departing America, I do not subscribe to his implied conclusion that Donald Trump’s plan for a wall across our Southern border is misguided.

If anything I believe Barnett’s own supporting facts from the Pew Research Center make a compelling case for this wall being built. The figures suggest that between 2009 and 2014 almost 1.9 million undocumented Mexicans crossed our Southern border coming to and leaving America. Effectively over a thousand Mexican citizens a day went over our border illegally during this five-year period, and these numbers don’t even account for any other undocumented persons from other nations who came and left America illegally over our borders.

Do these numbers not suggest that our borders are porous as well as penetrable by anyone determined to gain entrance into America? Given the nature of the increasing global terrorist threat, it would seem most prudent to secure our borders tightly while providing for the safety of our citizenry and the sovereignty of our nation consistent with the laws of our land. No country can be safe without secure borders.

Dick Murray