Letters to the Editor

L.E. Brown Jr.: Nonpartisan pipedream

Regarding the Nov. 20 letter “Redistricting must be done by independent body”: Can a truly “independent” nonpartisan body be formed? Has one ever existed? Can mankind and womankind truly put aside all prejudices on such an important issue?

Do the two writers, former Democratic mayor of Raleigh, Thomas Bradshaw Jr., and former Republican mayor of Charlotte, Richard Vinroot, represent opposing political philosophies or are they two politically like-minded persons wearing different labels?

An “independent” redistricting body might not be much different from past ones.

When Bradshaw and Vinroot wrote about the state “becoming more racially diverse” and that “half of North Carolina’s residents were born elsewhere,” aren’t they indicating that an “independent” redistricting committee would be considering “special interests,” much like redistricting bodies in the past?

Who appoints members of a “nonpartisan legislative staff”?

Maybe the United Nations is the only true independent body.

L.E. Brown Jr.