Letters to the Editor

Sue Lander: Duke profits up, care down

Regarding the Nov. 26 news article “UNC, Duke hospitals post record revenue”: Duke Hospital has had a record profit year.

As a patient who goes to Duke and someone in the health care field myself, I have seen how Duke has cut back on time for providers, how it has randomly changed its hours, how it makes patients feel bad if they have to attend to their own health care needs and how it is taking away some of its nurses and other administrative help. Great job.

I have seen the pressure that these providers are enduring, and what I think that Duke misses is that medical providers need time to think about what they are doing. This is a valuable part of the time they give to the job. There is no time for them to think or consider how they are providing care.

Until Duke starts getting slapped with lawsuits because of missed diagnoses or other problems, it will continue to behave in this manner. Duke needs to support the provider staff taking care of its clients.

Sue Lander