Letters to the Editor

Lee Downie: Brewing Berger’s attention

Regarding the Dec. 8 Under the Dome article “Lawmakers want brewery close answers”: It now appears that state Sen. Phil Berger doesn’t like some of the results of American capitalism, especially when they land on the employees of a Rockingham County employer.

Perhaps his constituents will thank him and other members of the General Assembly for giving them the impetus to look for new jobs when their MillerCoors brewing jobs disappear; reduced unemployment compensation checks and shorter benefit periods should get them on the stick, eh?

I am disappointed to realize Berger didn’t show the same level of concern for the folks in Halifax County when Staples closed its Roanoke Rapids store last August. Is it too late for Berger to enlist his buddy, U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, in a second rescue effort?

Lee Downie