Letters to the Editor

John Gallant: Simply lawbreakers

Regarding the Nov. 22 front page article “Wage complaint leads to N.C. worker’s arrest”: Why does The N&O continue to generate articles referring to illegal aliens as “immigrants”? Immigrants immigrate legally, don’t they? My grandparents did, as the staggering majority of our citizens’ families did. Those who break federal immigration laws as Miriam Solais did by knowingly crossing the sovereign border of this country are illegal aliens, aren’t they? Why isn’t the fact that immigration laws are broken by illegal aliens setting the tone of every article dealing with these individuals who are, in fact, just unconvicted felons? Is this country a nation of laws?

By selectively enforcing laws and using prosecutorial discretion, our laws become words with no meaning. By spinning your articles toward “the poor mother of a child who hasn’t seen her daughter in years” instead of “the woman who has been stealing identities, jobs and services from U.S. citizens for years,” your paper condones illegal activity by sending a sympathetic message to readers. Why does The N&O continue to embrace breaking laws rather than enforcing them?

John Gallant