Letters to the Editor

Harvey M. Richmond: Invest in clean energy, not litigation

As a retired senior EPA environmental analyst, I am writing to respond to the Nov. 24 letter “NC on correct clean power path.” The writer incorrectly asserted that Gov. Pat McCrory’s current proposal (a plan designed to be rejected by the EPA) is the only legal way to proceed.

He failed to consider the Supreme Court decision Massachusetts vs. EPA where the court held that EPA has authority to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. While he may not believe sections of the rule to be legal, EPA attorneys disagree.

Instead of leading a transition away from dirty fossil fuels toward a clean energy economy, our governor appears eager to waste taxpayers dollars fighting the EPA in court. Instead of fighting the EPA over the Clean Power Plan, McCrory should embrace and defend North Carolina’s current clean energy policies like the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard.

Meeting the goals set out in our existing clean energy policies would go a long way toward meeting the carbon dioxide emissions reductions set by the EPA for 2030.

Harvey M. Richmond